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A place for tasteful gifts & décor, in case you ever need to:
• Throw a classy home party and entertain,
• Cover a (needy) family or social event,
• Add a fine piece to your household,
• Or just cheer up a friend with a trinket.

Stainless Steel Salad Servers with StonesFancy Serving Spoons
Frangipani MathcboxFancy Matchbox

We Offer:

Free Shipping

All orders over $75 recieve free shipping on US soil.
Plus, if something goes awry down the road, we offer easy returns.

Hand-picked Stock

All items on Wilson Street are personally selected by our staff, to meet our own taste and criteria, and we stand behind the quality of each.

Quality Service

All shippments get a FREE gift wrap, an optional private consult, and a fully personalized service if needed.
Because we DO care.

And we’ve got for you...

Some Seriously Elegant Home Decor

When you have an upcoming family or social event and don’t want to dissapoint as a host, entertainer or guest, there’s no joking around with style.

To that extent, we offer a whole variety of:
• Tablecloths (stain-resistant and otherwise)
• Serveware & Flatware,
• Drinkware,
• And various decorative details.

A range of Fun, Funky, Girly & Chic

Let’s face it: we all love bling. Nothing brightens up the day like a shiny trinket, a funky travel gadget, or a colorful gift - especially when it comes from a friend.

In this spirit - wacky, yet tasteful - we offer a range of:
• Girly accessories, for travel and home,
• Trinkets in latest Chic,
• And lushious treats for body and skin.
• Drinkware.

Traditional Judaica

Bar Mitzvah, anyone? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the exceptional craft and art of Judaica.

These items aren’t just ornamental in nature, but also bring in a specific subtle vibe to their surroundings. No wonder they’ve been in use for ages.

A Fine Set of Gifts for Him & Her...

No further explanations needed - dive in
and find just the thing your friend, lover, or
whatever sweet name you gave it.

...And so much more.

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