Android Battery Drain Fix

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Are you looking for an Android battery drain fix? This article will show you some useful tips to solve this problem.

Smartphones play a really important role right now. In daily life, the use of smartphones is so important.

Using smartphones will make our lives more colorful as well as convenient. You can order food, shop, and even learn on your smartphone.

But, Android users have been complaining recently. They complain about the Android battery that drains so fast. Don’t worry, you’ll get the tips on how to fix it right here!

Android Battery Drain Fix

Android Battery Drain Fix Problem

The battery on Android plays so many roles. The battery is the one that gives your Android power.

But, the common problem is Android battery drains so fast. So, users have to recharge their Android phone once every few hours.

And, some others face a sudden drop or the battery is just draining even when not in use. This is, of course, so annoying because phones will die so quickly.

The common reasons why the battery drains fast are because of overuse, the phone is already too old, the bad habit of always using the phone while it’s charging, and the phone’s temperature being too hot or too cold.

If your Android phone has some problem, here are some tips on how to fix it!

Adjust the Location Services Settings

First Android battery drain fix his adjust your location settings. This feature helps you use apps like Wase and Google Maps.

But, if these apps are running behind the scenes and you aren’t even traveling, location services will drain your battery.

Adjust this by going to “Settings” and choosing “Location”. Disable location setting services and turn them off.

You can also tap “App Permissions” to see which apps are using this feature. Turn off the permission for each app individually.

Limit Background Usage

Next, you can limit the background usage. True to enable deep sleeping apps that will never run in the background. So, these apps will only work when you open them.

You can also turn off auto-run to prevent apps from running automatically. This tip is so important to set background usage limits and improve your Android’s performance.

Keep Battery Healthy

The most important tip is to protect your battery in daily usage. Keep your battery healthy to make sure it’s still healthy and can work well.

The most important thing to improve your smartphone battery is to charge as much as needed. Don’t charge your Android for too long cause it’s harmful to let the battery go from full to empty.

Other than that, you should not use a smartphone when it is charging. If you do these tips correctly, your Android battery drain fix will succeed.