How to Fix an Android Phone That Won’t Turn On

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When an Android phone won’t turning on it is certainly worrying and unsettling. The cause can occur for various reasons. Starting from hardware to software issues. However, before deciding to take it to a service place or replace it with a new phone, there are a few steps you can take to fix it yourself.

How to Fix an Android Phone That Won't Turn On

How to Fix Android Phone Won’t Turn On

There is no day without Android. Now people are starting to rely on Android to get most of their work done.

The thing is, technological innovation sometimes has problems. One is that it won’t turn on. For information, it turns out that using the wrong charger can cause the Android to not turn on.

If at this time friends or relatives or even yourself experience it, do not rush to bring it to the serviceman. Try following these simple instructions.

Check Battery Condition

Firstly, please check the phone battery. Make sure that your phone’s battery is not discharged.

Connect your phone to the charger and leave it on for a few moments. Often, completely dead phones can be repaired by recharging their batteries.

Try Rebooting

Some phones can experience system crashes that cause them to not turn on. To solve the second problem on this Android phone not turning on, try rebooting your phone.

The method may vary depending on the make and model of your phone. On most phones, simply press the power button along with the volume down button or home button for a few seconds until you see the phone’s brand logo.

Check the Charger and Cable

Make sure your charger and charging cable are working properly. Sometimes, the cause of the problem comes from a damaged charger or cable.

Remove the SD Card and SIM

If you have an SD card and SIM in your phone, try removing and plugging it back in. Based on the experience of some Android users, this card problem can cause the phone won’t turn on.

Phone Overheating

An overheated phone may turn itself off as a protective measure. Let your phone cool for a few minutes before trying again.

Mode Download

Some Android phones have a special mode called “Download Mode” that can help fix software issues. To enter this mode, you need to press different key combinations depending on the brand of your phone. It may be necessary to perform a system update or restore the phone to factory settings.

Check Hardware Components

If the above steps do not help, a hardware component may be experiencing problems. In this case, it is recommended that you take your phone to a trusted service place for further inspection.

Check Warranty

If your phone is still under warranty, be sure to check it. If your warranty is still valid, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer or service provider for further guidance on how to fix it.

Keep in mind that overcoming an Android phone not turning on can be challenging, especially if the problem is related to hardware. If you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, it’s better to ask for professional help than have your phone suffer more damage.