How to Fix Android Bluetooth Not Working

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Android Bluetooth not working is a problem for us. Bluetooth is an important tool in a cellphone. For this reason, if Bluetooth experiences problems, our activities will certainly be disrupted.

Bluetooth has quite an important role. Not just for transferring data. However, there are still many other functions of this Bluetooth.

For example, to connect with other devices. Speakers are one of the frequently used devices. Remember, music has become daily entertainment for many people.

How to Fix Android Bluetooth Not Working

How to Overcome Android Bluetooth Not Working

Android is still the favorite of many people. This Android has many capabilities. Apart from that, it also has a relatively cheaper price.

For this reason, it is not surprising that there are so many Android users. We can transfer data to various devices with this Android. Well, Bluetooth is an important tool for data transfer.

When Bluetooth experiences problems, our activities will also be hampered. One of the problems with Bluetooth is that it can’t connect. So, here is how to solve Android Bluetooth not working.

Restart Both Devices

To overcome this, you can restart the two devices that will be connected. Usually by restarting, Bluetooth will return to its initial settings. Well, this will make Bluetooth usable again.

However, there are several things that might cause this method not to work. For that, of course you have to do something else.

Clear Cache

The second thing you can do is clear the Bluetooth cache. Accumulating junk files will usually interfere with Bluetooth performance. Well, you can also do this method regularly so that there will be no accumulation of junk files that can interfere with Bluetooth performance.


If you have connected Bluetooth to another device but it doesn’t work, you can unpair it first. So, after that you can reconnect the Bluetooth. Usually this way Bluetooth can function properly.

Reset Bluetooth Settings

As time goes by, we often change the settings on our cell phones. In fact, sometimes we accidentally make changes. Well, sometimes this becomes an obstacle, namely, Bluetooth becomes unusable.

For this, you need to reset the settings on Bluetooth. That way, the Bluetooth settings will return to the way they were when you first had your cellphone. Usually, this method is quite effective.

So, that’s the way to solve Android Bluetooth not working. Do the methods above one by one until you find the right method. However, if all other methods don’t work, you can take it to a service center.