How to Fix Android Data Not Working

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Android data not working will definitely really disrupt our activities. Remember, we really need this data to access the internet. Well, currently the internet has become one of the ‘mandatory’ things that every cellphone must have.

There are lots of things we can do using the internet. In fact, there are many things we couldn’t do without the internet. To access the internet, we definitely have to be connected to an internet network.

Data is one of these links. We can also use wifi and others. However, it certainly won’t be as practical as using data.

How to Fix Android Data Not Working

How to Overcome Android Data Not Working

Currently, the internet is one of the things that we ‘can’t escape from our daily lives. When there is no internet, many things will be disrupted. Especially for those of you who work using the internet.

Slow internet will definitely be very annoying. Especially if the internet is lost. Of course that could be quite a big problem.

Android data not working will usually be a big problem for us. So, here is how to overcome this.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

The first thing you have to check is airplane mode. This could be said to be quite trivial. However, sometimes we miss trivial things like this.

For that, you have to check airplane mode. Make sure airplane mode is not on. If airplane mode is on, your data will definitely not be able to be used.

Check Network Options

Usually Android chooses more than one SIM card slot. Well, we can use both of these to access the internet if we have data. So, make sure everyone has a quota for internet access.

However, if it’s just one of them, that’s not a problem. But, make sure that you know which ones have quotas and which ones don’t. If you choose the wrong network, the data will definitely not work.

Restart HP

If everything is correct but the data still won’t turn on, you can restart. Namely, you can turn off your cellphone and then turn it back on. Well, usually by carrying out this process things that were previously less than optimal can be put back in order and can work optimally.

Check APN Settings

APN is also an important tool in determining networks. For this reason, if the data is not working well, you need to check the APN settings. You can reset or change the APN Protocol.

So, those are some ways you can deal with Android data not working. Actually, there are many other ways you can do it. However, the methods above seem to be effective enough to overcome data not working.