How to Fix Android Camera Not Working

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Android camera not working is a common problem. Several problems with smartphones prevent the camera from functioning properly. The Android camera does have an important role for all owners. Therefore, if a problem occurs it will make the owners feel burdened.

How to Fix Android Camera Not Working

Solution to Overcoming Android Camera Not Working with Simple Steps

Android phone cameras are one of the most useful features for modern smartphone users. Cellphone cameras have an important function, whether it is to capture photo moments or to make video calls. Not only that, Android cameras have also become an integral part of everyday life.

However, sometimes we can encounter problems like the Android camera suddenly not working. This can make smartphone owners feel very frustrated. No need to worry, here are some steps you can use to overcome a non-functioning smartphone camera:

Restart Your Phone

The first step you can take to resolve the camera not working is to restart it. You should try restarting your smartphone to solve any minor problems that may occur. Sometimes, restarting is an easy solution to solve smartphone problems including the camera.

Press the power button for a few seconds until the restart menu appears. After that, press the restart menu and wait until the smartphone finishes the process.

Checking App Permissions

The next way to overcome the Android camera not working is to check the application permissions. Make sure the camera app you use has the correct permissions to access your phone’s camera. You can check this camera permission from the app settings.

Open settings then select the application menu. Then select the camera app and click on app permissions. Make sure the camera has access to execute the command.

Clear Camera Cache and Data

Often, problems with Android cameras occur due to corrupted cache or data. To overcome this, you can delete the cache and data of the camera application. The first step, go to the cellphone settings menu first. After that, select the application menu and click the camera application.

Then, select the cache and data menu then click delete. After that, you can immediately try opening the camera application to make sure it is working properly.

Those are some ways to deal with an Android camera not working that you can do. By following these steps, you should be able to fix the camera not working issue. Remember to always take precautions by keeping your device in good condition and performing regular software updates.