How to Fix Android Microphone Not Working

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Android microphone not working is a common problem on smartphones. On smartphones, problems sometimes occur with the microphone. Problems with the smartphone microphone certainly have a big impact on its use. This is because the microphone has an important function when making calls and recording sound.

How to Fix Android Microphone Not Working

Solutions to Overcoming Android Microphone Not Working that You Can Do

The microphone is an important component of an Android smartphone. This component has an important function when the owner makes calls or voice recordings. A microphone that functions well will certainly support smooth use as well.

However, things will be different if there is a problem with the microphone component. Problems with smartphone microphones are normal. No need to worry because there are several ways you can deal with a microphone that is not functioning properly, such as the following:

Clean the Smartphone Microphone Components

Microphone components are susceptible to dirt such as dust due to daily smartphone use. If dirt gets on the microphone, it will certainly disrupt the sound quality and even cause damage. No need to worry, you can solve this problem by cleaning it.

You can use a small, clean brush to clean the microphone. Gently sweep the brush all over the microphone. After that, you can blow into the microphone hole until the dust is gone.

Temporarily Turn Off  Your Smartphone

The next way to overcome the Android microphone not working is to turn off the smartphone temporarily. You can temporarily turn off your smartphone to solve various problems that occur. You can solve small problems such as smartphone system bugs by turning off your cell phone temporarily.

The steps are just easy, you need to press the power button and click the power off button. Wait a few moments when the cell phone turns off for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute. After that, turn your smartphone back on and always check the microphone.

Check Microphone Permissions

To overcome a microphone that is not functioning properly, you can check the microphone permissions. Almost all applications require microphone permissions from their owners. If you don’t give microphone permission, it could cause the microphone to not function properly. Therefore, you can immediately give the microphone permission so you can use it properly.

So, those are some ways you can deal with Android microphone not working. These simple methods will be useful for making the microphone function well again. So that activities using a smartphone can become smoother and more comfortable.