How to Fix Android Speaker Not Working

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When Android speaker not working means you can’t listen to certain calls or music on your phone. If you haven’t figured out how to fix this, here’s a guide to some methods you can try. Some of these methods have the potential to fix speaker issues on your Android phone.

How to Fix Android Speaker Not Working

Android Speaker Not Working, Here’s How to Fix It

There are times when Android users find that their phone speakers suddenly stop working or the sound is not clear. Most users will realize this when they try to play something on their phone but no sound is heard. If this happens, there is no need to panic because there are various causes of the speaker not working properly.

Reboot Your Android Phone

Sometimes, a simple reboot of your Android device can help fix speaker issues. It’s very easy to do and we can definitely do it. You just need to press the power and volume up buttons or just the power button then click restart. It’s very simple and can be one of the steps to try.

Increase the Volume to the Maximum

If Android speaker not working, you can also try using the volume buttons on your phone to manually increase the audio level. Android offers quite different sound settings for notifications, ringtones, alarms, and media.

You can press the volume button and tap the horizontal three-dot menu below the volume level. You can then use the slider to increase the volume of media, notifications, calls and alarms from the bottom menu.

Try Safe Mode

If the annoying thing is a third-party app, you can use Android safe mode to confirm the problem. First, press the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously to bring up the power menu. Next, press and hold the Power Off button and tap OK to reboot the phone in safe mode.

If the speaker is working properly, you can exit safe mode using the same steps. You can then delete the recently installed apps.

Cleaning the Phone Speaker

Cell phone speakers can become a hotbed of dust and dirt over time if not cleaned. If the Android speaker not working, you can clean the speaker with a microfiber cloth and Isopropyl Alcohol. Try to avoid using sharp objects or soapy water. Because this can permanently damage the speakerphone. In addition, you can refer to the phone manual or have it cleaned by a professional.

Make sure Bluetooth is not connected

It is possible that one of the reasons why the speaker is not working is that you have connected your phone to a Bluetooth device. When this is the case, the phone is actually sending audio signals to the device you are connected to. The easiest way is to disconnect the phone from the device.

These are some of the ways to solve Android speaker not working easily and quickly. If you have done various methods and have not succeeded, you can leave it to the professionals.