How to Fix Android Touch Screen Not Working

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There are two main reasons why Android touch screen is not working. It could be because the touch screen is damaged or the device is experiencing technical issues. When the phone is dropped or caught by any object, the screen connectivity can be damaged. There are various touch screen not working issues on Android that you are very likely to encounter.

How to Fix Android Touch Screen Not Working

Android Touch Screen Not Working, Here’s How to Fix It

An Android touch screen not working properly could be the result of physical damage. You could have dropped the device on the floor or into water. You can stick the device to a hard object as well as smash the screen. Here are some steps you can follow if the screen is physically damaged.

Testing the Touchscreen

The first step is that you should try by tapping the touchscreen several times each corner. Then also check for bugs on the touchscreen and find dead zones. You can try using a star code compatible with your device.

Reboot Android Phone

When the touchscreen of your smartphone is not working you can restart the device. This method you can immediately try and be a simple step to solve the problem. Make sure to wait for a few seconds to minutes if the screen is really not working.

You just need to press the “Power” button then the screen goes dark. Wait a few moments and hold the “Power” button once again to reboot the phone.

Removing the Screen Protector

If the Android touch screen not working is not responding due to hardware issues, you can remove the screen protector. Some screen protectors can affect Android’s touch screen features. If you’ve just replaced the protector and started noticing this problem, just remove the protector and see if the phone starts responding to your commands.

Check if an app is the culprit

Incompatible apps or malware on your phone may be affecting your phone’s performance. Therefore, you can boot and then move to safe mode to see if it works. You can delete or uninstall apps that you’ve installed if they’re correct. You can put your device into safe mode by:

  • Turn off the phone by long pressing the “Power” button to reboot the phone.
  • Then release the button when the phone logo is visible.
  • Then press and hold the “Volume Down” button until the “Safe Mode” indicator appears in the bottom left corner.

Factory Reset Android Phone

A powerful and effective way to deal with this problem is to restore the Android device to factory settings. However, this will erase all settings and data on your phone. So, make sure you have backed up the desired files before proceeding. Next you can:

  • Boot through Recovery mode.
  • Use the “Volume” button to select the “wipe data/factory reset” option from the list.
  • The last step presses the “Power” button to confirm it.

These are 5 ways to fix Android touch screen not working independently with various causes. If you are not sure about yourself, you can leave it to the experts.