How to Solve Ghost Touch, it Turns Out Quite Easy

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How to solve ghost touch is fairly easy. Of course, you must first know what causes the appearance of ghost touch.

Maybe you just heard the term ghost touch. It could have been some time ago or even currently experiencing it.

This one problem is damage to part of the android screen. To be precise, the Android screen moves on its own, even if you don’t touch it at all.

How to Solve Ghost Touch

How to Solve Ghost Touch

Ghost touch or auto screen touch, can be an annoying problem for Android users. How could it not?

Nowadays, almost all jobs rely on Android. Here are 8 effective ways you can try to solve the ghost touch problem.

Clean your Screen Periodically

Make sure to periodically clean your Android screen with a microfiber cloth. Dust or dirt that sticks to the screen can be the cause of ghost touch.

Restart Smartphone

Restarting Android regularly is also an effective step to overcome ghost touch. This can help resolve any temporary interruptions that may be causing ghost touch.

Check Display Calibration

Furthermore, how to solve ghost touch is to check the screen calibration option in the Android settings. This process can help correct screen touch inaccuracies that may appear over time.

Only Use the Original Charger

Ghost touch problems can occur if the charger you use is not appropriate. Every Android has a built-in charger to maintain voltage balance.

If the charger you use is not appropriate, for example, the voltage is too high, what happens is that the battery has difficulty accommodating power. This is what triggered the emergence of ghost touch.

So, it is important to always use the original charger only. The signs of incompatibility between Android and the charger are longer charging time and battery drain quickly. Most fatal if there is a ghost touch.

Update Software

Overcoming ghost touch is also by always making sure to update the software installed on your Android. Software updates often include bug fixes. In this case, it also includes all things related to touchscreen issues.

Check for Additional Accessories

The next way to solve with ghost touch is to make sure that the screen cover or additional accessories do not interfere with the touch screen. Some screen protectors may not install properly, which can create ghost touch issues.

Factory Settings Reset

If the ghost touch problem persists, consider how to perform a factory reset. This can help restore the initial configuration of Android.

Pay Attention to Screen Health

If all the above steps did not produce results, check the physical condition of the Android screen. If you find any damage, contact an authorized service center or technologist immediately.

By following these 8 simple ways, you can how to Solve ghost touch on an Android screen. Make sure to take good care of your device and seek professional help immediately if the problem persists.