How to Fix Android No Ringtone Sound

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Android no ringtone sound is a common problem for Android owners. Ringtones serve as notifications.

Today, Android has become the most important communication medium. However, not always the owner can hold it.

There are times when they put the device somewhere. When a notification comes in, whether it’s a message, phone, or something else, a ringtone that acts as a notification.

Android No Ringtone Sound

Practical Solutions to Solve Android No Ringtone Sound Issue

There was a message or call coming in, but you didn’t know it because the ringtone sound was not heard? This can be a bad experience.

Especially if you miss a call or message that is important in nature.

Stop panicking. Some of the things you can do include:

Some Android phones allow their owners to set ringtones separately, either for incoming calls, text messages, or certain applications. Make sure that each type of ringtone sound on Android has according to your preferences.

Check Default Ringtone

Most likely the default ringtone you set earlier has changed or been deleted. Go to the ringtone settings and check if your preferred ringtone is still available and working properly.

Update Software

Updating the software to the latest version is also a solution to overcome ringtones not sounding. It is through these software updates that it can fix bugs or various factors that might be causing sound problems.

Check Ringtone Mode

A number of Androids have special modes such as “Silent Mode” or “Do Not Disturb Mode.” Check and make sure that Android no ringtone sound is not because it is in silent mode.

When silent mode is on, turn it off immediately.

Check Internet Connection

The stability of the internet connection can be a contributing factor to slow notifications or even not appear at all. Check by opening a video streaming application or social media to find out whether or not the internet connection is stable.

Check the Internet Restriction Feature

In addition to the instability of the internet connection, the problem of ringtone sound disappearing could be due to restrictions on internet data. Try to double-check if it is true.

Also, make sure not to limit battery saver features. When you do so, notifications on the app are no longer a priority.

Now you know not what you should do when facing the Android no ringtone sound problem? If all the ways you have taken but the ringtone have not sounded, most likely you have to replace the Android speaker. Just check with a trusted cell phone service man.