How To Fix Discolored Android Screen

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You can fix discolored Android screen easily. An Android cellphone screen that changes color will certainly cause discomfort when using it. When using an Android cellphone, you will be disturbed by the display of colors that are not as usual. Looking at the cellphone screen can also be uncomfortable.

Fix Discolored Android Screen

Fix Discolored Android Screen with Simple Steps

Currently, there are various HP products with an attractive appearance and are comfortable for users. Currently, the quality of cell phones is good, especially the screen. The cellphone screen will appear clear with sharp colors. However, over time the cellphone screen can change color to yellowish and fade.

This can happen due to various causes such as negligence in use or the HP system experiencing an error. List of cellphones changing color such as the color temperature feature being active, and the cellphone screen being pressed hard until the cellphone temperature is too hot. No need to worry, you can repair the cellphone screen with simple steps like the following:

Check the Live Display Settings

The first solution to dealing with a cellphone screen changing color is to reset the color temperature. In the first step, you can open the settings menu and then enter the display options. Then select the live display menu and select color temperature.

After that, you can change the day and night temperature values to more than 6000. If the temperature value is higher, the cellphone screen will appear brighter. You can adjust the cellphone temperature according to your wishes.

Turn off Reading Mode

The next fix for discolored Android screen turning yellow is by turning off reading mode. The reading mode feature on the cellphone has the function of making the eyes comfortable when looking at the screen in a dark room. It is now common for cell phones to embed this feature in their products. When this feature is active, the cellphone screen will appear yellow and become uncomfortable.

You can turn off the reading mode feature easily. Enter the settings menu first and select the display option. After that, click the reading mode option then deactivate the feature.

Take Advantage of the Blue Light Filter Application

You can use the application as a solution for a cellphone screen that changes color. If your cellphone doesn’t have a color temperature feature, you can use the Blue Light Filter application. This application has the same feature as color temperature, namely being able to adjust the blue light as desired.

You can use the application by downloading it first via PlayStore. After the Blue Light Filter application has been successfully installed, all you have to do is open the application and set the color temperature as desired.

So, those are some fix discolored Android screen that you can follow. This will make the color change clearer and sharper. The annoying turning yellow color on your cellphone can be resolved with these steps.