Important, Here’s How to Fix Slow Android for You to Know

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How to fix slow Android is important for us to know. Remember, almost everyone has Android. For this reason, it is important to be able to solve all problems related to Android.

Maybe, we will get an Android with maximum performance when we first buy it. However, gradually this performance will decline. So, when performance drops, there will usually be many problems.

So, we have to know what kind of obstacles will arise. Apart from that, of course, we also have to know how to overcome it. That way, when a problem occurs, we can immediately have a solution to solve it.

how to fix slow Android

How to Fix Slow Android is Important for You to Know

Nowadays almost everyone has an Android. Android does have many features that can make our daily activities easier. Of course, it is not surprising that many people have Android.

However, we have to be smart in maintaining Android. Remember, Android is an item that is susceptible to damage. Apart from that, as time goes by problems will usually occur.

One is to be a little slow. Well, that will hamper our activities. The following is how to fix slow Android.

Restart Device

For the first step, you can restart your phone. This method can improve device performance. Well, usually your Android will run normally again.

Free Up Memory

Full memory can also cause Android to become slow. So, you can delete unused applications, photos, videos, or other files. When the memory is relieved, Android’s performance may be lighter, which will make its activities return to normal or not be slow.

Update Software

Within a certain period, the software on Android will experience updates. So, when there is an update notification, make sure to update immediately. Because there must be something updated.

So, if you don’t update it immediately, it will likely result in Android performance not being optimal. One of them is making Android slow.

Restore To Factory Settings

When you have done everything but your Android is still slow, you can restore it to factory settings. This will cause all the files you have to be lost. So, before doing this, make sure you have backed up your data.

That’s how to fix slow Android that you should know. You can do the methods above in stages, but when all else fails, what you can do is take it to a repair place or buy a new Android.