How to Fix Android Phone Can’t Install App on Google Play Store

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There are many Android mobile operating systems that fail due to app compatibility and limitations. Google Play Store is the place to download apps. However, what if you can’t install APP on the Google Play Store of your Android phone? No need to panic and worry, because here we will discuss the solution.

How to Fix Android Phone Can't Install App on Google Play Store

Solving Android Phone Can’t Install App on Google Play Store

There are a number of reasons why the Google Play Store can’t download the app you want to install depending on the device requirements. Today we’ll cover the basics of a quick fix. If your Android is still unable to download or install apps, here are some solutions.

Check Internet Connection

Internet connection is one of the most important factors when downloading apps. If the app won’t install, it could be because your internet connection is unstable or you’re in an area with poor network coverage.

If necessary, you can turn off your data and turn it back on to do this. Also, make sure you go to a location with better network coverage if you are in a bad service situation.

Clear Google Play Store Cache

This is like pressing the reset button that you can press to eliminate problems and difficulties that may occur in the Google Play Store. You can clean the cache files, especially since the information will continue to grow over time. The data that continues to grow will make the usability of the application slower, even you can’t run its core functions.

Upgrade Google Play Store Apps

When an application is not updated, it may be difficult to operate as it should, often the application in Android has bugs that affect the performance of the application. You can check if your Google Play Store is on the latest version. By updating the app, you can install apps easily and various bugs and security in the latest version.

Restarting your phone

You can try restarting your phone as the easiest solution. Bugs and irregularities can cause challenges in instal app on the Google Play Store. You can restart your phone in the usual way.

Checking Space on Phone Storage

Downloads depend on the space available before downloading an app. Most apps are a few megabytes in size, but some are larger. To deal with this problem, you can clean up data that you no longer use. Each Android phone has its own cleanup settings. You can customize them.

Re-adding Google Account

The “Unable to Install Apps from Google Play Store” issue may have appeared on your screen when you first installed an app. You can solve this by deleting your current Google account and adding it again after a while. After that you can try again to install app in your Google Play Store. Good luck.