Android Phone Scrolling Problems and How to Solve Them

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Android phone scrolling problems can occur at any time due to various factors. This scrolling problem can occur due to interference with the touch screen part. If this happens, then your phone is in serious trouble.

However, there is no need to worry because there are several solutions to overcome these problems. Curious what are the ways to solve it? Check out the answers in the following discussion!

Android Phone Scrolling Problems and How to Solve Them

Android Phone Scrolling Problems and How to Solve Them

HP touch screen is one of the technologies that allow us to interact with the device through direct touch on the screen. Most of today’s phones already use capacitive touchscreen technology. That is, a screen that responds to the conductivity of the human body.

If this happens to the touch screen, all activities with the phone will be hampered, including scrolling. This can happen due to various factors, such as the age of the device starting to wear out or daily use that is not in accordance with the recommendations.

Some of the problems of phones not scrolling properly on Android that we may often encounter include:

  • A dirty or water-soaked touchscreen
  • Physical damage to the screen, such as cracks, scratches and other physical damage
  • The phone’s RAM is too full
  • The phone has been hit with a heavy object or dropped quite hard
  • Cell phone has been used for a long time
  • Use of an inappropriate charger

Solution to Android Phone Scrolling Problems

For those of you Android users who have experienced these causes resulting in the emergence of annoying scrolling problems, there is no need to worry because there are solutions to overcome them. Here are some solutions to overcome scrolling problems or damage to your Android touch screen:

Restart the Phone

The first step is to restart your Android phone. How to restart the phone when touch is not working? Look for alternative buttons that you can use. Every Android phone has its own combination of buttons. The most commonly used buttons are the on/off button and the volume up and down buttons.

Clean the Touch Screen

Dirty touch screens can also be one of the many Android phone scrolling problems. For that, try to clean the phone screen from various dust, dirt and fingerprints that can interfere with the responsiveness of the touch screen. Make sure to clean it with a soft microfiber cloth or tissue so as not to cause scratches on the screen.

Check the Screen Protector

If you use a screen protector, try to check it regularly. When the screen protector shows signs of damage, such as scratches or cracks, it might interfere with your scrolling activities. You can remove it and replace it with a new one if the problem is primarily with your phone’s screen protector.

Restore to Initial Settings or Factory Settings

If none of these steps can restore responsiveness to your Android phone, the last step is to restore it to its original or factory settings. However, it’s important to know that this step can delete all your saved data.

Those are some Android phone scrolling problems complete with how to solve them. If you feel hesitant to do it yourself, try to ask for help from an expert or professional who knows more about your Android phone.