Keyboard Not Working on Samsung Phone, Here’s the Solution

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A cellphone keyboard that doesn’t work annoys the user. It is because the user cannot operate the cellphone smoothly. So that the problem doesn’t drag on, you should know how to solve keyboard not working on Samsung phone.

Keyboard Not Working on Samsung Phone, Here's the Solution

How to Overcome Keyboard Not Working on Samsung Phone

Straight away, here are various ways you can solve problems with your Samsung cellphone keyboard.

Clear Keyboard Cache

One way is to delete the keyboard cache. This method also includes a solution when facing the Samsung keyboard not working after the update.

The cache is a pile of garbage on the phone. This garbage can hinder program performance so that the cellphone becomes slow.

Regarding how to delete it, open the Settings menu on your cellphone. After that, click the Storage menu.

Navigate the application cursor. Select the keyboard Samsung application used. If so, tap Keyboard. Continue by selecting the Storage option in the menu.

Just click Clear Cache. It didn’t take long, the cache on the cellphone was completely lost. The cellphone’s performance returned smoothly.


Another way is to restart the cell phone. This is also a reliable solution when facing the Samsung keyboard not working on the lock screen.

To do this is very simple. Users only need to press the power button for a long time.

Later several options will appear. Just select Restart. That way, the cell phone will turn off automatically.

Don’t try to turn it on manually. This is because the cellphone will reactivate by itself. How, easy isn’t it?


This method to solve keyboard Samsung working problems. However, this method can lose important data on the cellphone.

Therefore, save your data first before trying this method. In this way, the cellphone can operate smoothly again without losing important data on it.

How to Maintain Keyboard Function to Remain Optimal

So that your smartphone keyboard Samsung doesn’t always have problems, make sure you take good care of it. One way is to actively update the keyboard application.

By using the latest version of the keyboard application, you will of course avoid slowness or lag. Not only that, use the keyboard as necessary and clean the screen so that its function is not disturbed.

After reading the description above, you will know how to solve the keyboard not working on a Samsung phone. Because the method is easy, there is no need to hesitate to try it. That way, the cellphone keyboard can be functional again.