Android USB Port Not Working, Look The Proper Way to Fix It

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Android USB port not working will be very annoying. This USB port functions to charge Android phones.

When it doesn’t work, the user can’t charge the cellphone battery. That way, the cell phone battery will continue to decline and eventually die.

Android USB Port Not Working, Look The Proper Way to Fix It

Why Android USB Port Not Working?

In order to function normally, an Android smartphone must have sufficient battery power. That’s why smartphones must be charged to keep them full.

This USB port or charging port can experience problems and ultimately damage. When it is damaged, charging activities will be difficult.

There are several causes of this broken Android charging port. Reporting from, the USB port on a cellphone is a standard cable connection for smartphones and other consumer electronic devices.

There are various reasons why the USB port on Android can be damaged, namely because it is dirty or loose. If this happens, the user can do the following things to fix it.

Clean USB Ports

First is to clean it. The charging port on an Android phone can be problematic because dirt accumulates in it.

Indeed, its small size means that users are often lazy and don’t know how to clean it. In fact, cleaning this part is very easy.

First, the user can blow on the charger port. After that, try cleaning it with a small cloth that can fit inside the charging port. Do this slowly. It’s best to do this cleaning regularly so that dirt doesn’t accumulate again.

Check the Condition of the Charger Cable or Adapter

When the Android USB port is not working, it could be because there is a problem with the charger cable and adapter. Users must check this section.

An unsuitable cable can lose the Android charging port. Replace the cable if it is short-circuited and no longer suitable for use in terms of appearance.

Also use another charger to ensure the cable is positioned correctly. Only use original cables or adapters and always avoid fake accessories.

Restart Phone

Lastly, the user can restart the cellphone. It could be that the charger port is not working because there is a problem with the user’s cellphone software.

To resolve this, try restarting the device. That way, the software bug will be resolved easily and the phone will return to normal.

Don’t be Negligent

Having a cellphone means you have to be able to take good care of it. Users must pay attention to every detail of the Android part.

Even the small Android charging port should not be overlooked. Always clean and avoid using your cell phone while it is charging.

From the method above, the tips for recovering the charger port are very easy. However, if the damage is serious it must be replaced and costs more.

However, don’t panic when the Android USB port is not working. Try the method above first because it can be done by anyone from anywhere.