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If you live in the New York area, or even in the Northeast section of the US, you are excitedly experiencing an early breakthrough of Spring.  Growing up Baltimore,  MD, Spring was the season I used to eagerly anticipate every year.  I loved the spring “rebirth” and “regrowth”.  I used to crave the breakthrough of the tulips through the dirt, and watching the trees return to their full lush green color once again.  Aside from all of the outdoor beauty transformation, I LOVED mid 70’s weather and sporting my favorite sandals in March and April. 

All of you New Yorkers reading this must be thinking “HUH?” But yes, it is sadly true.  Even though the South Shore of Long Island where I currently live, and Baltimore, where I grew up, are only around 200 miles apart, Spring temperatures can vary up to 20-25 degrees in the months of March-May.  Living in Long Island, I miss those warm Spring days.  But JOY OF JOYS! We are finally experiencing a bit of that this year!


A week ago, at the beginning of March, I watched a projected weather outlook on The Weather Channel App on my phone (an app, I will admit and my family will attest to, I am CRAZY addicted to.) The outlook was that during the months of March-May this year, the country in general will be experiencing above average temperatures!  I was extremely excited about the report, and now even more elated to be living it! Let’s just pray hard and keep our fingers crossed that the outlook was correct and that we will be able to enjoy more warm days ahead of us.  Time to whip out the sandals??

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