New Beginnings Should be Celebrated With Gift Giving!

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Ahhh... September.  The start of a new month and, for many of us, a new school year.  Whether we are teachers, parents, grandparents, or students ourselves, the words September is practically synonymous with "school starting."  September also rings true as a start for other things, including the season of fall, the Jewish New Year, and the launch of Wilson Street's website to the public, to name a few!  Remember as a child, walking through chunks of crunchy leaves on the sidewalk, the now-cool breeze rustling your hair?  Remember as a child, the excitement of shopping for new pencils, markers, and the ubiquitous black-and-white composition notebooks?  Remember dipping crisp apples into a dish of sticky honey and calling out joyously, "Let us have a sweet new year!"?  Let all these memories be celebrated and heralded now, in the month of September!  Share your joy of new beginnings with those you love--friends, family, coworkers.  Browse through our many gifts, we are sure to have one that will capture your mood and help you spread that joy to others! Leave a comment in the section below to let us know what your favorite gifts are!

And check these out:

Cherry Branch Jam Pot w/Basket Weave                           Wander Shea Butter Handcreme                               

Honey dish                                              "Wander" hand creme 

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Rashila Amin said: Very expensive for an air freshener.

I bought this after reading about the manufacturer and the perfumery. They noted after 24-48hrs your whole room fills up with magnificent scent. Not the case for $100. I do Feng Shui so wanted to at least give this a try. A nice non irritable candle or incense stick will do exactly the same as this device for fraction of the cost.

Jacinta Sutphin said: 5/5

Clementine Crush Roller Ball Perfume

Esther Schwartz said: 5/5

Clear Melon Tritan™ Goblet

Chai Gasner said: 5/5

Ruffle Melamine Salad Servers

Rona Kessel said: Lovely cloth

Cloth is lovely. Was not thrilled with how it was made. Round cloth but not made in one piece