How Did Wilson Street Get its Name? and Other Questions, Answered

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  Hi! So by now, you may know that Wilson Street is a family-owned business.  You may know that in addition to shipping our fabulous gifts nationwide, we also maintain our storefront in Long Island, NY.  But there's a lot you probably *don't* know yet about Wilson Street and how we got started (like, where did the name "Wilson Street" come from, anyway?).  Well, prepare to have your questions answered (or, at least, most of them!).  

  First, and most importantly, the CEO of Wilson Street is Lisa aka Aliza.  Now, Lisa was born to be a CEO.  She was always very good at bossing around her 3 younger siblings!  (How do I know this?  Well, I happen to be one of said younger siblings... Hey, I said this was a family business!)  From the time she could speak, Lisa dreamed of owning her own company.  From a young age, Lisa also demonstrated a real flair for fashion.  Before she even reached her teenage years, she was reaching into her mom's closet to "complete" her perfect outfit (or maybe borrow a complete outfit from her mom!).  She loved to bake for others, set tables, create centerpieces, napkin origami... she really knew how to make an event sparkle, whether it was a dinner party for 60, or dinner for a family of six.  Pretty soon, Lisa was party planning events for members of her family, always paying attention to every detail to ensure that the ambiance she created would perfectly suit the scene ("Yes, those tall tapered candles give the table a very elegant look!").  

  Shortly after Lisa got married, and moved to NY, she worked for a design company in Manhattan, again adding her sense of style to office workstations and other boring things like that (just joking!).  But still she longed for a business of her own.  Her dream would be placed on hold for several years while she left the workforce to start a family of her own...  Then, in 2012, Lisa's dream got put on hold for another reason, this time a very tragic one: Hurricane Sandy struck Lisa's home, and she and her family were forced to move out of their house for nearly a year while they repaired the damage.

  So you can imagine Lisa's joy when a friend called her with the opportunity to make her own!  At this point, with Lisa's girls in school and her house back in order, becoming the CEO of Wilson Street was a perfect opportunity to enable Lisa, the consummate hostess, help others to find "just the right serving dish" or "just the right gift" to keep or to give away.  And because I promised I'd tell... the name "Wilson Street" came from the store's original location, in a small room in a building on a Street called Wilson... and the name stuck!

  If you have any other questions about Lisa or Wilson Street, feel free to ask in the comments below, and I will make sure to get back to you!  And stay tuned for more about me, Carol, the blogger behind the scenes!

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  • Your info is so true to life. We love all of it!
    It was so much fun reading it.
    We are so proud of our granddaughters.

    Much Love

    PS We got so many compliments from the presents we purchased
    from Wilson Street,

    Papa/Nanny on

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