Bring Back the Ruby Red

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RED! It seems to be the color of the moment, the color of love, the color for Valentines Day. As we are all caught up in "red", my sister recently visited her local Trader Joes location and discovered something very sad about her favorite "red" drink. The following letter is what she wrote to Trader Joes after returning home. 

Hi, I live in Miami and my nearest store is in Pembroke Pines. Trader Joes Ruby Red Chai TeaIt takes me 20 min of highway driving to get there, so I try to trek out a couple times a month to stock up on my favorite TJ's products.  So perhaps you can imagine my disappointment this past Sunday went I got to the store, only to find that the Ruby Red Chai tea was out of stock and, worse yet, discontinued!! (Btw, the store personnel were very friendly and helpful in looking into and providing me with this information, so kudos!) My husband and I have been eating Paleo for the past four months. Ruby red chai was my "anytime" drink... It helped curb my sweet cravings, was my relaxing "cuppa" I'd nurse on the couch after a long day at work, my morning pick-me-up I'd bring *with* me to work! and my kids' favorite treat (which I felt comfortable letting them have, as it's caffeine free). Actually, the caffeine free bit is a very big deal for me, as I do not tolerate caffeine very well, it makes me shakey and jittery.  Since Sunday, I have been looking for a chai alternate, but all other chai teas are generally blended with black tea, and contain caffeine.  I am really, really sad that that ruby red chai has been discontinued.  Please bring it back!!

Thank you for being such an awesome store! I still enjoy shopping at Trader Joe's and I hope to see my favorite tea, or other similar products, back in her shelf in the near future.

A loyal customer,


PS we are still loyal to the Ruby Red, check out our love Red Enamel Heart Shaped Tray and Red Enamel Dish


Brink Back Ruby Red

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  • I am so sad you are not making ruby red chai tea any more. What can I buy that is close to the same thing

    Joanie on
  • Just ran out of my favorite tea ever. When I found out they were discontinuing it, I drove around to 4 stores & bought them out! Ended up with 22 boxes. I’m SOOOO sad! I hope they bring it back!

    Pam on
  • Sad day – no more TJs Ruby Red?! Trying Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice – also decaf. We’ll see …

    Holly on
  • Try the brand Stash (Spiced Dragon Red Chai). It is the most similar tasting to the Trader Joe’s brand. A friend at work gave me a Trader Joe’s red chai and then I looked for it myself and also found that it was discontinued. I recently did a lot of research trying to find something similar and the Stash brand was highly regarded by some of my other coworkers. Try it out!

    Rob on
  • I also miss this tea! By far my favorite. Taste with no calories, no caffeine…
    Doubt they’ll ever bring it back, but I check every time I go to Trader Joe’s. Hope springs eternal. (My second preference is chocolate tea, but it’s just an inferior replacement for hot chocolate.)

    Kathy on

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