How to Measure for your Custom Tablecloth:

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How to Measure for your Custom Tablecloth:

With the fashion industry coming up with new ideas and inspirations for every season and with its ever so fast changes and trends, fashion tablecloths have become extremely popular now as well. Patterned vinyl table coverings are also making their way into the top trends of todays market. They are a combination of many fabulous qualities; funky and functional, elegant and simple, easy to use, and VERY easy to clean. These vinyls simply just “wipe down”. No more worrying about children spilling or food soiling the tablecloth, this ingenious trend has revolutionized the ease and stress-free meals we now get to enjoy.

In the Orthodox world, the dining room is one of the main rooms in the house. We use our dining room table two times a week. In addition to that, we also have many holidays throughout the year (also centered around more food and eating). We sit around our dining room table a lot and because of that, we want all the perfect accessories. A new tablecloth is an easy way to change the look of your table and really dress it up a notch.

So, have I caught your interest? Are you ready to order YOUR new custom tablecloth but not sure what size you need? Overwhelmed with all the different widths and options on our website? Here are our step by step instructions on how to select the right size and style.

Measure both the width and length of your table.

The first drop down to select on the website is the width. Most dining room tablecloths are 70”-72” wide.
36” width is for a small square only.
54” widths are for small squares, small round, or narrow rectangle tables (such as kitchen tables or folding tables).
84”, 96”, and 108” are for larger round cloths.
90” width is for wide tables.

To help determine the length of your tablecloth, there should be at least a 10”-12” overhang on either side of your table. After you have measured the length of your table, simply add 20-24 to that number. Look at our length options. If there is a length available in that size range, that’s the one you order. If there isn’t, simply order the next length size up. (For example, if your table measured 90” and you add 20-24, you get 110-114. Although there is a 108” length, it is always best not to order down. Tablecloths look much more elegant when they have a longer overhang. So, the length you will need to order is 120”.) Do not worry if the length you are looking for is not listed. After you have sized up the length, you can still enter your exact table size in the special instructions box. (But we are skipping ahead, I will get to that soon.)

The last drop down is where you select the style tablecloth that you want. Do you want a simple hem style, a runner style, or a border style. Take a look at the images on the website. These will show you what each of these styles mean. Please note that most fabrics are 54” wide. When ordering a hem style cloth, your cloth will come with two vertical seams down the length of the tablecloth. This is done to give the tablecloth the width it needs to be 70” wide. Basically on either side of your tablecloth, an additional 8” of fabric is sewed on and seamed together. The finished product is a nice elegantly draped tablecloth.

Last is the special instructions box. This is where you can put the exact dimensions of your tablecloth, and your color choices; if you would like 2 different colors or patterns.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify the tablecloth selection process. Do not worry, after you order your tablecloth, we will contact you if we have any questions to make sure that what you ordered is exactly the look that you are hoping to achieve!

Happy shopping!

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