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With all the products out there now for the fashion minded person, we wanted to get in there with something trendy, new and exciting as well.  Enter, the IKEN Watch.  These fun, colorful watches attract audiences of every age starting from very young  (ones just old enough to tell time), and even those much older too!  These watches are addictive.  With so many color choices and parts of the watch,  there are many ways you can “style” your watch.  The basic watch components are broken into 4 categories:
WATCH CASE:  This is the part of the watch around the face that holds the face into place.
WATCH BEZEL:  This is a ring like piece that snaps onto the outside of the case.  It gives the watch a sporty look to the watch.  It has numbers on it in increments of 10 from 10 to 50 and an arrow to depict the top of the watch.  An additional add-on option is the “bling” bezel.  With all the arm candy accessories out there, this is how this watch can stay current.  Add this additional crystal bezel available in silver, blue, or pink and really add some excitement to your timepiece.
WATCH STRAPS:  These are exactly as they sound; the straps for your watch. 
WATCH DIAL: The watch face.

Now that you understand all the pieces and functions, it’s time for you to:  


Have Fun!

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  • Does the watch need a battery when you purchase it?

    Miss Understood on

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