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From the time that I was in my teens, I took a liking and interest in gardening.  Growing up, we did not have much decent vegetation outside our house at all.  One summer, I decided that it was time for that to change.  I convinced my mother to have our gardener make flower beds along our path outside so that I could plant flowers and “dress up” the exterior of our house a little.  I felt so accomplished after the flowers were in the ground and we had a nice colorful path framing the walkway to our front door. This was to be the beginning of my love for gardening.

When I finally became a homeowner 16 years ago, I happily took on the project of “landscape gardening” in front of my house.  I enlisted the assistance of my husband and together we pulled out lots of old bushes and shrubs and started to lay out our new landscaping.  Since filling the entire bed in front of the house was a project that was beyond our budget at the time, we decided we would do it slowly, year by year. Each spring I looked forward to going to the garden center to pick out the new shrubs that I would add to my beds.

Then, sadly Sandy came along in October of 2012, and after 10 years of adding to my landscaping, it was all destroyed.  Spring of 2013 had the front of my house looking like a pitiful sight.  All of my bushes were dead; completely dried up.  We needed to pull everything out of the ground once again and start from scratch.  Finally this year, I feel like my beds are full once again. 

Of course, in addition to planting bushes, I would always plant flowers along the rim of the beds.  A few years I also made a vegetable garden in my backyard.  I planted tulip bulbs in the fall one year so I would have flowers in the spring.  And every fall, I plant cabbage flowers to add color to the front of my house over the long winter.  I look forward to each new season and the thrill of going to pick out my seasonal flowers to plant. I feel like a child in a candy shop at the garden store, walking around and surveying all of my options before making my final decisions of what to purchase for that season.  And then afterward, bringing the plants back home and laying everything out on the beds first to approve the brings another sense of anticipation and excitement.  Planting gives me a deep satisfaction and such a feeling of accomplishment when I am finished.  I love standing on the sidewalk after I complete the job and admiring the work and beauty that I have created. 

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