Since 1977, The Chen Family aims to pass the beauty of Chinese china inheritance from generation to generation. They have devoted on the porcelain research and development for 3 decades in the hope of transforming this Chinese artistic tradition into the upscale trendy level and, therefore, to be accepted and known worldwide.

Vicki Chen is deeply touched by the lady’s relaxation and enjoyment of fragrance releasing from cage through the master piece of the Ming dynasty, Reclining Figure Of Smoked Cage. The painter had expressed the Chinese lifestyle of being classical and elegance. According to the historical documentation, since the Chin dynasty, people no matter poor or rich, male or female, got used to wear scented sachets for pleasuring themselves and respecting the others at the meantime. To date, this tradition has been replaced by wearing perfume. 

By the edification of this fragrance heritage, Vicki Chen intended to revive this Chinese tradition by merging artistic fragrances and delicate porcelain technics. Over a decade developing with persistence in achieving excellence, she dug deep into the making of fine porcelain and eventually succeeded in the invention of the remarkable AROMA PORCELAIN® and gained the worldwide patent applications. CHANDO was initiated in such perfection insistence and so far the only brand is able to professionally represent Chinese home fragrance philosophy. With the proud of design and manufacture in China and the well understanding of local preference in aroma, we have developed classical fragrance series and introduced to multiple China marketplaces. Adopt the upgraded production management system, the fragrance quality guarantees standing above the international standard. It is now called “The most beautiful and user-friendly fragrance article” among our clients.

CHANDO, launched in Shanghai, China with the enthusiasm of introducing prestigious home fragrance to marketplaces. Through each CHANDO creation, we are dedicated to transform the ordinary daily basis into extraordinary delightful sensation, trendy, graceful and relaxing experience. That is the principle of CHANDO, where the Aromatic Miracle Begins.” 

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Loved my Tatocco products

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Purchased these utensils for a wedding gift. They are just beautiful. The bride wants to display them permanently in her kitchen as they as so beautiful!

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Wonderful product