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Scents of Sicily Candela - 3 Scents

  • $ 29.00

If you want to bring the scent of Sicily to your home, this candle is just perfect for you because the fragrance and the design are inspired by this Mediterranean island. The candle has a minimalist design with a round image in the center, which represents the protection of the Athena, the patron Goddess of Sicily. As for fragrance, three different scents are available. The fragrance of rosemary bergamot is warm and delicate with woody notes, the scent of citrus basil is light and refreshing, while the sweet pea is floral and calming.

  • Inspired by the island of Sicily
  • Lovely and simple design
  • Comes with three different fragrances
  • Size: 3" x 3" x 3 1/2"
  • Weight: 1lb 4 oz

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sue houk said: BigRipOff


Lisa Stansbury said: Used it at a hotel, really nice

I was thrilled to be able to stock up.

Lisa Stansbury said: Love it

I found the brand in a nice hotel and had to track it down online.

PAUL HASSLER said: Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service was excellent. I requested their complimentary wrapping of my purhases. They made certain to clarify my requests. I’d definitely purchase from them again.

Sarah Segall said:

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