Kiddush Cup

The ritual of Kiddush serves to sanctify wine before a meal, and is closely associated with other Jewish traditions like the Shabbat and Challah.

We offer you a beautiful selection of different cups in various materials including attractive gold and silver, as well as some very interesting designs - see the Chaos and Lexie Kiddush cups and their beautifully wrought, unique textures. Pay respect to the traditions of the faith with some of these gorgeous items and enjoy the beauty they bring to your home and table.

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Kelli Black said:

Sugar Grapefruit Handcreme

Kelli Black said:

Sorry. Bought it thinking it was a scented sachet for my home🙄

sue houk said: BigRipOff


Lisa Stansbury said: Used it at a hotel, really nice

I was thrilled to be able to stock up.

Lisa Stansbury said: Love it

I found the brand in a nice hotel and had to track it down online.