Passover is one of the most historically important Jewish celebrations, paying homage to the great journey that Moses led out of Egypt, and we want to help you celebrate with the appropriate respect and decoration such an event deserves.

Our items on offer include tasteful candle lighters, candle sticks, decorative Matzah trays (crafted in Israel), and a variety of beautifully made Kiddush cups in a range of combinations of gold and silver. We especially recommend the Metalace items on our list.

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Rashila Amin said: Very expensive for an air freshener.

I bought this after reading about the manufacturer and the perfumery. They noted after 24-48hrs your whole room fills up with magnificent scent. Not the case for $100. I do Feng Shui so wanted to at least give this a try. A nice non irritable candle or incense stick will do exactly the same as this device for fraction of the cost.

Jacinta Sutphin said: 5/5

Clementine Crush Roller Ball Perfume

Esther Schwartz said: 5/5

Clear Melon Tritan™ Goblet

Chai Gasner said: 5/5

Ruffle Melamine Salad Servers

Rona Kessel said: Lovely cloth

Cloth is lovely. Was not thrilled with how it was made. Round cloth but not made in one piece