Passover is one of the most historically important Jewish celebrations, paying homage to the great journey that Moses led out of Egypt, and we want to help you celebrate with the appropriate respect and decoration such an event deserves.

Our items on offer include tasteful candle lighters, candle sticks, decorative Matzah trays (crafted in Israel), and a variety of beautifully made Kiddush cups in a range of combinations of gold and silver. We especially recommend the Metalace items on our list.

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Galia Rosenbaum said: Gorgeous!!! I love it

Everything that I purchased is great quality. The tablecloth is gorgeous.

10 hours ago - Grace Salad Servers
Shavy Schlossberg said: Great pieces

Perfect coordinate for the salad bowl!

R. Donovan said: Customer feedback

I purchased 2 diffusers which one was delivered broken. Wilson Street was awesome! They sent me a new diffuser right away. Excellent customer service and I will definitely buy from them again.

david mercer said: Watch


Shavy Schlossberg said: Great bowl

Love this bowl. Have it in all three sizes. So easy to clean and to use, dishwasher safe, and the service at Wilson street amazing as always!