Soap Rocklets

Soap Rocklets have a decorative appearance to them already, being cut into the shape of crystals and semi-precious stones, but it's when you immerse them in water that they really start to shine.

As they dissolve in the water, they'll slowly release their pleasing and alluring scents and change shape as well, exposing more of their beautiful colors at the same time. Each one is a unique, hand-crafted piece of beauty - and completely biodegradable.

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Joel Guidry said: 5/5

"Work Hard, Play Hard" Duffel in Army Green

Deena Yarmush said: Salad servers

They are great!!

Sarafina A Croft said: It's So Cute

I love it. It's smaller than I imagined, but perfect for my coffee table.

Karen Oliva said: Tarocco shampoo and conditioner!

I love these products and they smell so good, but my only issue is the small bottle size for how expensive these and all Tarocco products are. Thus a 3 star because of how expensive they are and small bottle sizes!

26 days ago - Tarocco Hand Cream
Karen Oliva said: Tarocco Products

I love Tarocco but some products are very expensive for such small bottles! Still love the products, just wish they were a little less expensive.