Soap Rocklets

Soap Rocklets have a decorative appearance to them already, being cut into the shape of crystals and semi-precious stones, but it's when you immerse them in water that they really start to shine.

As they dissolve in the water, they'll slowly release their pleasing and alluring scents and change shape as well, exposing more of their beautiful colors at the same time. Each one is a unique, hand-crafted piece of beauty - and completely biodegradable.

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david mercer said: Watch


Shavy Schlossberg said: Great bowl

Love this bowl. Have it in all three sizes. So easy to clean and to use, dishwasher safe, and the service at Wilson street amazing as always!

Rebecca Donovan said: Replacement Review

I received my order and one of the Diffusers was delivered broken. I reached out to Wilson Street and right away they sent a replacement which was in perfect condition. I will most definitely buy from Wilson Street again. Fantastic customer service!

Francis Hone said: Review

It works as expected

Brian Allen said: Not Working

Received the order in good time and product was what I ordered BUT the dial does not work! I thought it might be the battery but surprised it would need replacement before using the watch for a day. Contacted customer service who said they would replace the dial but have not received as yet, unable to have a watch on arm