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The last three years I have been working for Archipelago Botanicals as the Director of business development. I have always loved product development, but I felt that I needed to extend my reach from candles and explore my passion for organic food. Earlier this year I set out to start my own organic garden. I live in a small apartment in Los Angeles and thought it would be great to have a garden on my balcony with fresh herbs and vegetables. Gearing up for a trip to the local garden center I felt positive this was an easily achievable goal, what more is needed to start a garden than some soil seeds and a pot? It soon became clear after much frustration trying to find the perfect ingredients, a big mess, and still no garden - I needed to find a better way. Like anyone my age, I took to the internet to find a solution. I was shocked to find that no product existed to make my urban gardening project simple. That was when I founded the Urban Agriculture Company. I wanted to create something that made growing and maintaining a garden simple with little to no mess. The result: the urban agriculture organic grow kit. All of our grow kits come with one pack of organic seeds, one portioned bag of OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified organic soil, and one container in which to grow your plant. Our grow kits come with a container made from 100% recycled tea bags allowing for perfectly drained and aerated soil, not to mention a very cool urban look. Simplifying and combining everything needed for a perfect growing experience, plus direct sun and proper watering - we had designed what I had been looking for all along.

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2 minutes ago - Hydra Uplift Bowl
Jannette said: Cute Unique Design

What a Unique Bowl. I use it as a gravy boat with the matching ladle. I always get complements when entertaining.

Kelli Black said:

Sugar Grapefruit Handcreme

Kelli Black said:

Sorry. Bought it thinking it was a scented sachet for my home🙄

sue houk said: BigRipOff


Lisa Stansbury said: Used it at a hotel, really nice

I was thrilled to be able to stock up.