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Dauville Multiple Stem Bud Vases

  • $ 20.00

The Dauville Multiple Stem Bud Vases from the Dauville Collection are stunning handcrafted vases made mostly from porcelain with metallic rims at the top. Though the material from which they are made is porcelain, it exhibits a sort of smooth texture, and together with the shining metallic rim, they make a sort of harmonious and unique blend which is quite evident to the human eye. And being handmade, each vase is a bit different than the other, having some distinctive, not entirely round shape, which makes it a perfectly unique piece of decor for your home.

  • Handmade.
  • Porcelain with hand-painted metallic gold or platinum rims.
  • Hand wash recommended + wipe dry
  • Size: 4"D x 4 ¼"H.

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