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DIY Leather Keychain Kit

  • $ 45.00

This kit has all that you need to make your very own leather keychain from the finest English Leathers. From the leather punch, needles, thread, and pre-cut leather pieces, it's a cool piece of a kit. You can pour your heart and soul into making you own wallet and be rewarded with something special that last forever and only improves with age. 


  • Keychain leather in pre-cut pieces from the finest English leathers
  • Leather punch
  • Needle & Thread
  • Chisel tool
  • Collar stud and D Ring
  • Practice leather
  • Instructions
  • Souvenir can

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2 minutes ago - Hydra Uplift Bowl
Jannette said: Cute Unique Design

What a Unique Bowl. I use it as a gravy boat with the matching ladle. I always get complements when entertaining.

Kelli Black said:

Sugar Grapefruit Handcreme

Kelli Black said:

Sorry. Bought it thinking it was a scented sachet for my home🙄

sue houk said: BigRipOff


Lisa Stansbury said: Used it at a hotel, really nice

I was thrilled to be able to stock up.