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Handbag Organizer Insert - Houndstooth

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Made by PurseN, a manufacturer known for creating and designing high-class luxury accessories, this purse organizing insert features a splendid design with a combination of practicality. The insert has a total of eight sections, six of which are on the outside and two on the inside. All the pockets are strategically designed and purposefully sized to fit modern day gadgets and everyday essentials. The insert is highly practical, but it also has a very stylish design. The design features a stunning and mesmerizing, black and white, Houndstooth pattern that gives this purse organizer a truly trendy look.

  • Created by PurseN
  • Bunch of storage space with plenty of compartments
  • Lovely houndstooth pattern
  • Adjustable to fit different sized purses
  • Lightweight
  • Protects the inside of the bag
  • Built-in handles to make handling easy
  • Size: 8.5"W x 6"H x 3"D

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