London Jewelry Roll Ice - Wilson Street - Wolf 1834 - 2
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London Jewelry Roll

  • $ 78.00

Crafted by WOLF, this jewelry roll is a perfect way to store your valuables while you’re on the go. This compact jewelry roll is inspired by the city of London, so it radiates pure elegance and sophistication. Featuring high quality ice-lizard leather on the outside, with ample storage space on the inside with quilted anti-tarnish LusterLoc™ lining, it protects your jewelry and keeps it safe inside the roll. A polished chrome lock and key on the outside complements its generally  stunning design. It features 4 zipper pockets and 4 snap rings or bracelet bands. It goes perfectly with any other accessory produced by WOLF.

  • Ice lizard embossed leather exterior
  • Polished chrome lock & key
  • Ample storage space with quilted anti-tarnish LusterLoc™ lining
  • Four zipper pockets
  • Four snap rings/bracelet bands
  • Size: 8.75”W x 1.25”D x 4”H

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