Pomme Poivre Perfume
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Pomme Poivre Perfume

  • $ 28.00

This perfume is designed by Margot Elena as a part of the Love & Toast collection. This collection is known for the manufacture of eco-friendly products, made from 100% natural ingredients. Even the packaging is made from reusable sources, while the products themselves have never been tested on animals. Additionally, the products don’t include any of the ingredients that could be harmful to your health, such as paraben and phthalate. This particular perfume has a lovely blend of scents, which include vanilla orchid, white musk, jasmine and ebony woods.

    • Designed by Margot Elena
    • Part of Love & Toast lines of products
    • Exclusively made from natural ingredients
    • Not tested on animals
    • Lovely blend of fragrances
    • Weight: 3.4 oz
  • Size: 3 1/4" length x 1 3/8" width x 2 1/2" height

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    1 minute ago - Tarocco Hand Cream
    Karen Oliva said: Tarocco Products

    I love Tarocco but some products are very expensive for such small bottles! Still love the products, just wish they were a little less expensive.

    Irene R Westerfeld said: Tiffany Salad Servers

    Lovely and sophisticated...they go with everything.....from fancy to casual

    Blimie Levy said: My serving peices are perfect

    Loved it all

    Leah Isler said: Love it!

    It's the perfect gift!

    Oswald Willner said: Gorgeous Bowl

    I just want to tell you we were more than satisfied