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PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer

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Oprah called this the "Chill Pillow" when she featured it in her OPRAH magazine as one of her favorite things for 2016. She goes on to say 'Don't worry about snoozing and losing your valuables on board. Slip your phone, passport, and galsses into the pockets of this memory foam neck pillow, and never touch that grimy seat-back compartment again. Every passenger will be asking, 'Where'd you get that?'"

The PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer is perfect for securing phones, eyeglasses, passports, credit cards and more while traveling and while relaxing at home. The u-shaped memory foam pillow cradles the neck for the most relaxing and comfortable travel experience.

The moment Hardeep Melamed, founder of PurseN, left her phone on the airplane after a flight to Hong Kong, she was determined to create a solution. Here it is what she came up with, thanks to her creativity and determination we can all travel more comfortably and peacefully.

Millions of travelers have lost or left valuables such as phones, wallets, eyeglasses and passports on planes, and if they haven’t, they know someone who has. That's why the PurseN Travel Pillow Organizer was designed for Comfort, Style, and Organization. You can relax knowing all of your valuables are securely in reach at all times.


  • The Ultimate Luxury Travel Pillow
  • 2 Open Pockets
  • 2 Zippered Pockets
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow
  • Plush Fabric & Washable Cover
  • Snap Closure Holds Pillow Around Neck & Attaches to Carry-on
  • Snap Tab Holds Headphone Cord in Place
  • Elastic Straps Hold Panel Pockets in Place for Easy Storing
  • Size: 11.5"L x 3"W x 28"H when unfolded
  • New includes travel carrying bag

One of Oprah's Favorite Things for 2016

Patent Pending

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