Wish Eau de Parfum
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Wish Eau de Parfum

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This perfume is a part of Lollia lines of products which is created by Margot Elena. The Lollia products are known for the use of natural ingredients, reusable materials and for their magnificent blends of fragrances. This particular perfume features a blend of warm vanilla bean, rice flower delicately frosted with sugared pastille, jasmine leaves sweetened with sugar cane, ylang ylang and amber woods. This way, a lovely scent is created that you will love and use every day. The package is beautifully enriched with the iconic Lollia bee pattern.

  • Designed by Margot Elena
  • Part of Lollia lines of products
  • Wonderful fragrance mixture
  • Beautiful design
  • Size: 2.75" x 3.75" / 3.4 ounces

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